Top 5 Vegan Restaurants In London

Perhaps you've turned vegan because of that Netflix documentary. Maybe you've been doing it since before it was all the rave. Either way, we don't mind. All we know is that London is one of the best places in the world to be vegan.

So here's an updated list of the best all-vegan restaurants in London. That's right - we're talking about vegan only. You veggies out there can head here to see our list that includes vegetarian venues. But for now, we're dedicating this to our animal loving, healthy, clean vegan friends out there!

The Spread Eagle

πŸ“ 224 Homerton High Street, Hackney | πŸ½ Must try - the tacos

The spread eagle, Homerton, vegan pub

You heard correctly - a pub that's 100% vegan. Based on Homerton High Street (formerly known as the Jackdaw & Star) lies London's first all-vegan pub.

What does that actually mean? It means that everything from the beer, to the interior and everything in between is plant-based and ethically sourced. That means no asking to read the back of a beer bottle to find out what it contains. You can enjoy your night, knowing that everything is completely vegan.

The food is styled in a Mexican fashion - tasty and great to share. The atmosphere is great once you reach the night gets late (they often have DJs and an area to dance. Also, no locals were harmed in the making of this all-vegan menu. The resident drinkers are still there - the only difference - they are drinking vegan beer. We don't think they'll mind.

When to go - Saturday night with friends

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πŸ“ 5 Station Rise, Tulse Hill🍽  Must-try signature dish - The spicy corn fritter or the cashew and mushroom wellington.

Greenz restaurant

For more of a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere, we recommend Greenz. Based out in Tulse Hill, this family-owner joint provides some of the tastiest vegan-ready dishes in the Capital.

It's a small, cosy place, but what it lacks in modern decor it more than makes up for in the variety and flavour in the menu.

There's quite a variety on offer, with no real trend grouping the dishes.Everything on the menu is dairy-free, allowing vegans a huge selection of options, desserts and treats. The owner is very personable and will be more than happy to whip you up a signature drink if asked nicely.

Must-try signature dish - The spicy corn fritter or the cashew and mushroom wellington.

When to go - Saturday afternoon with close friends.

Temple of seitan

πŸ“ 10, Morning lane, Hackney Central | ⭐️  LL recommends | 🍽  Must try - tuck into those vegan strips and instantly understand the hype

Temple of seitan

So, depending on how long you've been vegan for, you will remember the late night visits to the local fried chicken shop after a night out. There's thousands of these in London. But now there's a fresh take on these tired

That/s right - for vegans that miss the indulgence of tucking into soem fried goods after drinking there's a solution.

Temple of Seitan does just that - vegan fried chicken. And just to trub it in, it's situated right next door to a chicken shop. Okay so it's a little more pricy that your average chicken shop, but the flavour is incredible. Texture wise, it's suprisingly similar to meat alternative (or perhapse we just forgot what meat tastes like).

Either way, we think it's great. You can now contunie with the love of the dirty post-drink meal, without compromsiign your moral compass. Ace!

Side note - be prepared for insane queues. They have subsised a little since it opened, but dinner time and Saturdays remain popular. It's also been known to close early - once it's gone, it's gone!

When to go: works better when intoxicated

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222 veggie vegan

πŸ“ 222 North End Rd, West Kensington | 🍽  Must try - Seitan stroganoff

222 veggie vegan restaurant

If plants are your thing - and they really should be if your a vegan, then 222 veggie vegan is one of the best vegan joints in London. Despite the name, it is 100% vegan dishes on the menu for any sure to be delighted vegans that decide to pop by.

The interior is super fresh and we love the funky all glass exterior with the seemingly floating door. But you didn't want to hear about that, did you?

222 vegan veggie is a place where health and well-being take priority. The plant-based cuisine is what they are all about - and boy, it's tasty too. We particularly enjoyed tucking into the raw pumpkin and courgette noodles. The fresh ingredients coupled with the fresh presentation will be sure to make you feel good about yourself.

When to go - if you're dating a vegan

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πŸ“ 4 Erskine Road, NW3 3AJ | 🍽  Must try - Warm rainbow panzanella

Manna vegan restaurant

This is the place where vegan food meets quality fine dining food. Whilst it might not be the plushest of environments, the food is prepared with such thought and precision.

There are some great sharing options and they even give the option to mix and match any of the super fun sides into the main meal. If mixing up your own vegan platter isn't your thing, check out the great mains, sit back and try not to steal a menu in order to recreate it at home.

When to go - With your vegan family

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